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JUSTY is Justin Marcoviche-Garnett: Trinidadian-American Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Model, and Director. The Chicago-based artist released his featured single, 'Blue Dreaming,' in early 2019—a feel-good, dance bop inspired by JUSTY's Trinidadian heritage, with influences of House, Disco, and RnB. JUSTY re-emerged with a fresh sound since his 2014 self-titled EP debut, with his latest album 'RESET', released in August of 2019. This end-of-summer album combines elements of classic Reggae and 90's Pop music. JUSTY was featured on DMangelo's 2018 single 'Justified' and also directed the 2020 music video. JUSTY is currently working on a new album slated to release in 2022.


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